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Technology isn’t a bad thing. It saves us time, allows us to keep in touch, and even simplifies our lives. But when studies tell us that the average smartphone user checks their phone every 4.3 waking minutes, or that the U.S. teen suicide rate has risen with the surge of social media, we have to wonder if we—and our kids—are using technology to our benefit. And we’ve learned that we aren’t the only ones who wonder; we hear daily from families who are overwhelmed by the challenge of knowing how to raise digitally healthy kids.

That’s why we founded START, a digital driver’s ed for parents, schools, businesses and faith communities. We inspire and equip families to maximize the benefits of technology—but minimize the accidental side effects. We do this by:

  • Sharing bite-sized tips and encouragement through our newsletter, blog and social media feeds

  • Developing tools to help families adopt healthy tech habits

  • Training parents, educators, healthcare providers, and community leaders to raise tech-healthy kids through our START Programs

At START, it is our passion to help parents navigate a changing tech landscape with a roadmap in hand. And it is our privilege to watch families flourish as they reconnect along the way.

Our goal is to help local communities establish new norms of families who stand together and rethink technology.


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What does your screen-time say about you? What does your phone know about you that you don't know? "ScreenTime" - Diane Sawyer Reporting originally aired May 3, 2019 on ABC.

The average American teenager now spends nine hours per day immersed in electronic media, not including school-related technology.
— Common Sense Media



Mental Health + Wellness

Kids in 2018 have ten times the amount of screen time they did in 2011. Learn more about the impact of screens on developing minds.

Social + Emotional Impact

The technology that promises to keep families connected oftentimes leaves them feeling utterly alone. Take a peek at trends surfacing in research on human connection.


Work + Life Readiness

In a rapidly changing global economy, the future will depend on our kids being able to enhance their online skills with critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity—which are developed and enriched offline. Find Out More →





Surveys show that the number one battleground for families is technology. Our three part series is designed to help parents—and kids—win.


Todays parents feel pressure to be “experts” to stay ahead of their kids’ tech use. And when they get behind? It can be easy to give up. We offer bite-sized, practical tips that parents can use to help them make small changes to their families’ digital health.


Students, educators, businesses, and community leaders alike are asking the question: Where do we start?

Our answer is simple. Together.

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