Work + Life Readiness

Workplace readiness is our goal. Lifelong flourishing is our dream.



Online feeds flooded with bots, fake news, hate speech, and apps are designed to grab attention, disengaging kids from a deep, risky curiosity about their contributions to an ever changing world.


Early, unrestricted access to images online has elevated celebrity culture—marked by visible, surface glamour--and diminished the celebration of heroes—marked by character and acts of valor--as formative role models.


Crystallized intelligence—the ability to use experience, knowledge, and the products of lifelong education—is fragmented by the growing field of captology—the study of using smartphones to capture attention.


Many corporate environments aren’t equipped to help iGen workers overcome the impact of digital addictions—including a need for instant gratification, social-emotional deficits, and the struggle for mindfulness—all contributing to a widespread lack of joy and fulfillment in personal and professional endeavors.

And so what this young generation needs to learn is patience. That some things that really really matter, like love, or job fulfillment, joy, love of life, self-confidence, a skill-set, any of these things—all of these things—take time.
— Simon Sinek, The Millennial Question