OUR Approach


In this unchartered territory—our best roadmap is each other.


Today's parents are tasked with raising the next generation to lead flourishing digital lives, while at the same time keeping them safe and secure.  We are leading our kids into a new frontier that --truth be told--oftentimes feels like the Wild Wild West.

It's a hard terrain to navigate.  But it's even harder to do it alone. 

At START, we are dedicated to walking this road together.  That’s why we designed a program for communities who want to come together to navigate the challenges they face with their kids’ use of technology.  This three-session program can be hosted by elementary schools, faith communities, community organizations, or businesses. It includes expert seminars, personal reflection, and take home materials.  The series is designed for adults only, but gives parents practical ways to share the content with their kids at home. 

We hope to scale our program more broadly in September 2020.

I’m so thankful to have found other parents who are trying to keep their kids’ tech in check. I‘d be willing to float on an island by myself if it’s needed to keep my child safe, but it sure does help if there is support, doing it together.
— Blue Valley START Participant