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Together, we will find the landmarks that matter most.


It is critical for schools, parents, and community leaders to work together to empower and train students to become self-regulated with technology, knowing how and when to use it to their genuine advantage.  We serve as a bridge between schools, home, and community hubs—helping schools to understand and support parents’ tech challenges, helping parents reinforce the digital citizenship principles that are being taught at school, and helping community leaders dream about ways to support healthy tech use norms throughout their sectors.

To this end, START seeks to partner with school, business, and faith communities by:

  • Being a trusted outside voice that gives communities a common language and framework for understanding healthy tech use

  • Partnering with school leadership to better learn about the changing needs and concerns with tech trends in student populations

  • Developing resources and programming for continuing education sessions


 SCHOOL Administrators + COmmunity leaders:

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