OUR Approach


This journey isn't about knowing the path. It's about taking the first step.


As global concern mounts over kids' tech use, parents are finding themselves in a double-bind; the same devices that harm us are also what allow us to cope with the stress of a busy lifestyle.  Keeping up with the research can be overwhelming, but knowing what to do with it can be paralyzing.  

At START, we believe that we can climb this mountain one step at a time—starting with awareness. We raise awareness by:

  • Partnering with community leaders and organizations on special projects

  • Supporting student-led coalitions who are launching awareness campaigns

  • Sharing tips and encouragement through our blog, Facebook and Instagram feeds

[Change] depends on a lot of people making choices TOGETHER. Kids and parents can’t easily or very successfully make individual choices…we as a society need to agree to opt-out.
— Tristan Harris, Former Ethicist at Google